Food Safety Services

Infinity Food Safety Certification provides World Class Food Safety Training and Consulting services. Our courses are highly interactive with informative workshops and case studies. The courses are suitable for staff with different backgrounds, from front-line employees to high-level executives and managers. Finally, infinity food safety training courses also involve on-site training and extensive group work.

The training is supported by an array of hands-on products and services available for the food handlers like digital thermometers, data loggers, colour-coded cutting boards as well as awareness posters and visual aids, DVD’s and books all are available from infinity food safety.

Technical Assistance

Infinity Food Safety Certification has personnel with experience in the food industry and are able to provide clients with effective and up-to-date technical support and advice. Experienced personnel are available to provide technical assistance in the areas of:

  • Staff Training (ISO & HACCP)
  • Food Safety Program and HACCP Plan Development & implementation
  • Templates for Food Safety Programs for Child and Aged Care
  • Food Safety Management System development & implementation
  • Food Safety Systems Auditing
  • Legislative requirements (food labelling, premises construction & design)
  • Local Government environment health consulting and temporary staff employment
  • Food Hygiene Monitoring
  • HACCP Plan verification and validation

Supplier Audit

Infinity food safety follows Supplier audits to document the relationship between different companies in order to verify compliance of a supplier’s products and processes.


The company’s approach involves facilitating industry to develop in-house food safety programs and providing comprehensive support during implementation. This approach reduces costs, builds ownership and staff acceptance, and results in a more effective program that is easy to understand.

Food Hygiene & Process Monitoring

Infinity food safety Certification provides professional assistance to the food industry in all areas associated with the requirement for food safety programs. Advice and assistance in on-site hygiene and food safety monitoring.


  • Basic (Induction) Food Safety Training Course
  • Person in Charge Trainings (Level 1, 2 & 3)
  • Intermediate (Level 3) Food Safety Training Course
  • Advanced (Level 4) Food Safety Training Course
  • HACCP Awareness Training Course
  • Intermediate (Level 3) HACCP Training Course
  • Advanced (Level 4) HACCP Training Course
  • ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Training
  • FSMS Training
  • Fire Safety Training
  • First Aid Training


  • Weekly Audit
  • Discussion on Audit reports and plans.
  • To provide all HACCP documentation – Temperature record, mock recall, cleaning schedule Pest sighting logs, personal hygiene log, customer complaint checklist, food delivery temperature log etc.
  • To deal with pest control and fire safety companies for effective work.
  • To deal with customer complaints & to resolve complaints.
  • Monthly management review meetings to discuss about new implementations and plans.
  • Waste management program.
  • Sanitation programs – development and reassessment
  • Quality assessment program - development and reassessment
  • GAP analysis audits
  • Preparations and assistance for 3rd party audits
  • Regulatory compliance (Doha Municipal Regulations)
  • Assistance when dealing with Regulatory.

Certification Services

We have designed a workable schedule of providing food safety trainings and audits four times in a month at your premises. Within this period we will also hold management review meeting to discuss about improvements and new regulations of food safety as well as to conduct main internal audit. We will submit inspection reports and audit findings to the authorized persons to ensure the best and competitive improvements.

HACCP & Iso Consultation

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) & ISO is the systematic preventative approach to food safety. It addresses physical , chemical, and biological hazards as a means of prevention rather finished product inspection. HACCP & ISO can be used by any organization directly or indirectly involved in the food chain industry including.

  • Farms, fisheries and dairies
  • Processors of meats fish and feed
  • Manufactures of bread and cereals, beverages, canned and frozen food items
  • Food service providers such as restaurants, canteens fast food chains, hospitals
  • Academic institutes, hotels, and warehouses
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